Press Release for International Dairy Summit 2017 & International Dairy Expo/China’17

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Sharing Social Responsibilities, Building Healthy China

Healthy Dairy Industry Leading to Healthy China, We Are Acting

International Dairy Summit 2017 and International Dairy Expo/China’17, will take place in Sheraton, Harbin and Harbin International Exhibition Center respectively during Apr., 20-23, 2017. International Dairy Expo/China’17, one of the most significant annual events in Chinese dairy industry, has attracted exhibitors and buyers from 31 countries and areas in the world, covering 18000sqm. The show will display world-leading technologies and products, with exhibits covering the whole industry chain including cow cultivation, farm equipment, diary product processing and packaging, ingredients, and all kinds of dairy products. We’re very happy to have Overseas Pavilion, Display Area for Well-known Brand Enterprises in Chinese Dairy Industry, Display Area for China State Farm Dairy Alliance, Display Area for Animal-husbandry Achievement Exhibition of Heilongjiang Province, Display Area for China Dairy Suppliers Union, and Display Area for China Milk Bar Alliance. On-site colorful activities with many highlights will be presented. Buyers can not only see the images of exhibitors both at home and abroad, but also share the latest information of the dairy industry, catch the trend of the market and enjoy the show!

Building Healthy China with Buyers from 31 Countries and Regions

International Dairy Expo/China has always been devoted to establishing herself as a technological exchange and trade show with cutting-edge concept for professionals in the dairy industry in the world. International Dairy Summit 2017 and International Dairy Expo/China’17 have invited leaders from authoritative departments of China, academicians and experts of Chinese dairy industry, overseas envoys, and buyers from 31 countries and regions. A series of discussions focusing on the topic of“Sharing Social Responsibilities, Building Healthy China”will be arranged. “Healthy China 2030” Program Outline will be the outline for action in the following 15 years to promote the construction of healthy China. Being an important trade platform in Chinese dairy industry, we deeply understand the significant meaning of a healthy dairy industry to Healthy China Program. We hope to publicize the meaning of scientific cow cultivation and scientific milk-drinking to building healthy China to the whole society with the help of highlight activities to be conducted at the show.

Highlight 1. Science of Early Stage of Life, Nutrition and Health

The first 1000 days of life is defined as Window Period of Opportunity for human being’s growing by World Health Organization (WHO). During this period of time, the feeding to babies decides the nutritional status and growing development, which are closely connected to their health when they are adults. What kind of role will the different kinds of dairy products and different infant formula milk powder play in the nutrition in the early stage of life? Industry medical experts and diary experts will discuss the topic concentratedly for the first time.

Highlight 2. Academician (Experts) Forum--- Universal Education on Healthy Life

The dialogue will focus on the themes of the development of Chinese dairy industry and popularization of healthy life. In-depth analysis of domestic consumption status, the nutrition vs health of dairy products, future development, comprehensive interpretation of “Healthy China 2030” Program Outline and National Dairy Development Plan (2016-2020) will be conducted. This is the first academician forum focusing on the topics above in the dairy industry.  

Highlight 3. International New Dairy Product Show, Handmade Cheese Class and Dairy Creativity Carnival

They will turn the concept of Healthy China into products in reality. From forum to exhibition, from knowledge popularization to real dairy products, we call on and push forward the Chinese dairy industry to undertake the social responsibilities and popularize the healthy life to domestic consumers, pointing directly several main indexes in“Healthy China 2030”Program Outline, making contributions of Chinese dairy industry to implement“Healthy China 2030”Program Outline.

Highlight 4. “National Dairy Replacements Evaluation Report Release Conference”, “Calf Show”, “Evolution of Farm Mode and Development of Guest Ranch”

Healthy cow leads to healthy dairy industry. Big data will be used for the first time to expound the growing development, health immunity, raising management of Chinese dairy calf and heifer, to summarize and analyze the raising status of Chinese dairy calf and heifer in an all-round way. Real living environment of calf and heifer will be displayed and their healthy life be presented to the public to convey the health and security of the production source of Chinese local dairy products.  

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