Highlights collection of International Dairy Expo/China'16

Date:2016-05-09 View: 29 Compiler:

1. Entrance of the Exhibiton Hall

2. Russian Pavilion

3. Deputy governor and President of CSIQ visit Pavilion of France 

4. Little visitors of the Expo

5. Opening ceremony of International Dairy Expo/China'16

6.  Deputy governor and President of CSIQ visit Pavilion of Holland

7. The USA Pavilion

8. Cheeses sent out from Wisconsin

9. Attempting the Guinness of Largest display of Cheese varieties

10. Ms. Cheng Yang take the official certificate of Guinness record form the Guinness officer

11. Cheese tasting

12. Cusine demostration, Meillieur Ouvrier de France, Xavier Turet

13. On-site of the Expo

14. China-France forum

15. Sino-Dutch dairy seminar

16. Ourside exhibiton area

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