National Own Pasture Milk Union Is Unveiled In the Ice City - Harbin

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1. historical necessity

Milk Bar is not only a natural product under the current Chinese dairy market economy, but also an inevitable product for the domestic dairy consumption upgrading to a certain level. Actually, domestic consumption of dairy products is still in an undesirable situation at present. Diary product sales have continued to drop in China after the incident of Sanlu milk powder melamine in 2008. Some problems have directly affected the survival and development of domestic pastures, such as the lack of interests connecting system in dairy production and marketing or the pastures’ passive status about raw milk sales. Milk Bar appears to solve the problem that the scale of dairy pastures are often small but the acquisition criteria of large milk companies is very strict. Sometimes the raw milk is difficult to be acquired and some dairy farmers have to pour out their milk, which causes economic losses. All of these are a serious constraint to aquaculture development.

Milk Bar is a business form which generated in a fluctuation period between pastures and dairy companies. Meanwhile, under the impact of imported milk powder, domestic pastures have to set up this alliance to help them have a better development in the dairy market.

There is still some policy foundation on the creation of the Milk Bar.

Document No.1 of the Central Government (2012-2015): adhere to keep supply ability on certain vegetables and other fresh food in big cities; innovate circulation patterns of agricultural products; establish a effective connection between producers and consumers and create a flexible production-marketing model of agricultural products; reduce intermediate links in circulation and lower the costs. (Document No.1 of the Central Government of 2012)

Support the process and circulation of agricultural products in the way of farmers’ cooperatives. (Document No.1 of the Central Government of 2014) innovate circulation patterns of agricultural products and promote cooperatives to link with supermarkets, schools, enterprises and society. (Document No.1 of the Central Government of 2015)


1.An inevitable result of industrial development

With the rapid development and evolution, Milk Bars has reached a certain scale in most cities in China, but problems still exist. Lots of the stores are in a small and disordered operation. With an hash market environment and sluggish consumption, the turnover of milk bars are declining. So without the support of pastures, the milk bars have to be on the wane.

On the other hand, milk bars are facing severe competition environment. To consider Wandersun, New Hope, Samwon, Bright Dairy and Modern Dairy as the representatives for the traditional dairy companies, they have stated to manage the milk bars. It will be very harmful for the milk bars if they cannot occupy the market quickly and form a certain scale. So product upgrading and branding building must be enforced.

With the vigorous promotion by Zhang Zhimin - Shangdong Milk Association Secretary General and active responses of milk bars across the country, National Own Pasture Milk Union emerge at the times require. It’s just a spontaneous organization which doesn’t have expenditures, offices and experiences. But all of pasture men are confident and enthusiastic to the union.


2.Historical significance

The creation of the National Own Pasture Milk Union has an epoch-making significance for Chines dairy farming, which means that fresh milk suppliers are not individual milk bars any more and are not street retailers any more. They have become an organism which is well organized, effective and self-disciplined.

The pasture milk union works for resource integration and makes an alliance with milk bars on the basis of six in-group unification. That is, unified brand logo, unified team management, unified operating method, unified personnel training, unified net sales platform and unified material source. All these standard operations will ensure product quality and provide reassurance to consumers.

Four out-group functions are implemented in this union.

1. Solve the problem about information disclosure in industry self-regulation

2. Train the milk bars’ technical administrators

3. Coordinate and solve members’ internal problems

4. Deal with other problems each milk bar encounter

Non-standard manufacturing technique and facility request, non-uniform marketing planning, less detailed development planning, immature management team shapeless product mix have seriously restricted the improvement of dairy industry. Most of the milk bars are in self-development disorder. So it is very necessary to build national pasture milk union to help solve these problems. A uniform standard specification will be formed and a higher recognition, which can dramatically promote the growth of dairy industry, will be earned.


5. unprecedented industry conference

Organized by own pasture milk bars from all over the country, “loving Milk Bar, living healthy dream” as the theme and “Milk Bar, purely fresh” as the slogan, the own pasture milk union is more like a commonweal organization.

Noticed less than 10 days, without complaints, union’s members, with fifty thousand raising fund, hurried to gather in Harbin to make sure the plans, slogans, advertisements, clothes and so on.

This conference has received favorable responses from milk bars across the whole country, including Sichuang, Yunnan, Hebei, Shangdong, Jilin, Liaining, Heilongjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Jiangsu and other ten provinces. Two hundred union uniform were given away to participants during the meeting. Except for thousands of chain milk enterprises, dozens of milk bar owners who came at their own expenses, rendered some voluntary service to the conference.

Why these busy entrepreneurs choose the Pasture Milk Union? That is their enthusiasm, expectation, self-salvation and exploring spirit.


6. help from various circles of society

Much appreciate the support and help from chgie company, China Dairy Magazine - Feng Yanqiu, Heilongjiang Milk Association, Shandong Milk Association, Hebei Milk Association, Liaoning Milk Association, Shanghai Milk Association, Beijing Milk Association, Tianjin Milk Association and Cow Journal. Wang Dingjin, a dairy expert, not only handed out dairy manuals on the spot, but also was in charge of explaining dairy knowledge.


7. Perfect illustration

Comprehension and judgment from Lu Hao, an expert governor, is one of the sparkles in the conference. It is proved that supplying fresh pasture milk to each house has been an inevitable trend of social development. In the future, a broader development space will be provided.

How can we be so sure?

The first point is that being a type of industry, Chinese dairy market has a golden respect.

Over 30 years of reform, China’s per GDP has exceeded 8000 dollars, reaching a new period of development, which means that healthy and recreational consumption will take more part in daily life. But comparing with other countries, China’s per capital consumption of dairy products  is half the Asian coverage and just one-third the world average. Therefor, there is no doubt that dairy product consumption will show a strong growth in the coming years.

But question still exists. How to guarantee an effective supplies? The answer is choosing the own pasture milk union. Milk comes from the union is totally healthy and purely fresh, with small yields and highly processed dairy products. Interacting with customers can also meet the need of entertainment. All of these are advantages for the union, which could support a more effective supplies if they are made a full use.

The second view is, high-quality demands, on the one hand, is at work in China’s dairy industry. Almost 50% consumers have said that they prefer high quality products, even more expensive. On the other hand, 75% consumers are much concerned about food health and food safety.

How can make a balance between the two aspects? That is choosing the own pasture milk union. Firstly, pastures, controlled by the union members, are the first production workshops and they decisively influence in high-quality dairy products. So pasture milk union has a build-in advantage. Secondly, healthy food depends to a high degree on better materials and less dairy-processing. Pasture fresh milk, with more nutrition, has done well. Therefore, choosing pasture milk union means choosing high-quality dairy products for Chinese consumers.

The third standpoint is about changes in China’s dairy consumption, including consumption patterns and products. It has been in a period that health and quality are beyond everything. Chinese consumers who have public knowing rights, will dramatically influence the dairy industry. And at the same time, Chinese regulatory authorities have issued mandatory provisions to identify reconstituted milk.

National pasture milk union adhere to the main line of pasteurized milk which enables dairy products to comply better with market development.

The fourth point is that a prosperous dairy market depends on the quality of fresh or raw milk. For the pasture milk union, the sales method is direct to consumers, which means a greater assurance of high quality.

Cheese significantly orients the development of future China’s dairy industry, as governor Lu Hao mentioned in his speech. Pasture milk union is totally accord with cheese technological requirements, which is small-batch production but multiple types.

With all parties vigorously support and the leadership of Wang Dingjin, Guangdong Milk Association consultant, organized by pasture milk union and Shangdong Milk Association, cheese training courses have been conducted from 24th to 30th in May.

The establishment of pasture milk union is a landmark achievement. Being a new and active industry, pasture milk will bring new ideas and conceptions for China’ s milk industry improvement. Hope that the emerging industry could help China’s milk industry recover from the current downturn and make life much more wonderful, either.

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