The MPI Minister Nason•Guy : Agricultural Producers’ Leader - Heilongjiang

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Nason·Guy, Chinese good friend, has been China four times. As an very important presenters, he delivered a speech at the opening session of China Dairy Industry Expo 2016. He said that China is a country full of energy and vitality and new things often happen. It is an honor for him to be invited in Heilongjiang Province, which makes agricultural producers feel proud.

Under the leadership of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, a large delegation come from New Zealand is in China on a state visit. General Secretary Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang have held separate meetings with New Zealand delegation. As a member of the delegation, coming to Heilongjiang is one of an important mission for Nason·Guy.

Chinese Agricultural Minister Han Changbin and Nason·Guy signed an agreement to carry out China-New Zealand agricultural cooperation. Knowing Nason·Guy had been invited to China Dairy Industry Expo, as a Heilongjiang native, Han Changbin introduced the beautiful view of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival and its significant position for Chinese animal husbandry and dairy industry. “Since China signed a free trade agreement with New Zealand, trade and cooperation, especially in dairy industry between the two countries have showed a remarkable growth. Apparently, it will relate to long-term benefits of China and New Zealand.”

Because the new agreement is about strengthening connection and sharing experience in China-New Zealand dairy industry, Heilongjiang is a must for Nason·Guy’s Chinese trip. He said that Heilongjiang province which is famous for its agricultural products, is almost double size of New Zealand. Meanwhile, Heilongjiang also plays an important role as export place of New Zealand livestock products. New Zealand has exported fifteen thousand beef cattle to Heilongjiang in 2014 and 75% red meat is destined for shipment to there. After signing the agricultural agreement, New Zealand will make an investigation for Chinese market in order to improve mutual cooperation.

Because of developed livestock industry, New Zealand milk is very popular in China. Nason·Guy has expressed his worries about the low milk price in New Zealand, “Current milk price is hurting the interests of all dairy farmers. Actually it’s very hard for New Zealand dairy farmers and the price is still lower than production costs though European farmers are subsidized. But dairy products is becoming more and more popular all over the world ,especially in China, with over 250 million dairy-lover middle-class customers and the member will increase by 150 million over the next ten years. So Nason·Guy believes that over the medium and long term, the prospect for dairy products is positive, with milk price growth expected to pick up further momentum. 

Nason·Guy said,“China Dairy Industry Expo is a good opportunity for all parties to communication. Gathering dairy manufacturers and dealers from all around the world, this exhibition has set up a platform to exchange ideas and establish partnership each other. By sharing advanced technology and cooperating, it will be confident for dairy industry to face challenges and extend industry influences. For example, dealing with problem of low milk price.” He also emphases the importance of strengthening bilateral investments and extending the supply chains.

Besides agricultural cooperation, the two countries’ travel markets is booming. After Australia, China is New Zealand’s second-largest inbound country. Nason·Guy was fascinated by the magnificent scenery which shows in promotional video of Harbin ice lanterns. He said that it will be much more convenient if offering a direct flight from Auckland to Harbin so that chilled meat from New Zealand comes together. Nason·Guy enjoyed hotpot as lunch. He was amazed by what came out of it - Chinese hotpot with New Zealand meat. Fatastic! 

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