The huge development potential of dairy industry in Huanggang

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The city of Huanggang locate in the east part of Hubei province. It is the biggest base of dairy processing and milk source in Mid-south region of China. During the last a few months, a serious fall of milk price has existed and lasted for a long time. Dairy farmers in some place had to kill their cattle to reduce their lost. In this case. The milk price still maintains 4.4 RMB/kg.

Strictly speaking, Huanggang does not have superior geographical conditions of cattle breeding. The advances of Huanggang is as below.

1. Rich in fodder resource. Reasonable geographical distribution of dairy field which is advantageous to the ventilation and cooling

2. Standardized, large-scale and intensive management.

3. Successfully solved the adverse influence to cattle breeding of high temperature and high humidity in south region of China

4. strictly control of Raw milk quality,

5. The government's vigorously support

As for now, the daily output of raw milk in Huanggang is about 400tons . after the open of the new Yili dairy processing plant, the daily demand of raw milk will reach 1000tons. That is to say, there will be an insufficiency of 600 tons. There will be a huge development potential of 60 thousands of cattle.

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