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World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin is the biggest professional dairy farm exhibition in the world at present. It's held in every year's september or october.The expo contains three parts, technical&equipment exhibition, cattle beauty contest and dairy cattle culture. the dairy cattle culture is a distinguishing feature of the expo.

In this year's end of september, China Great Wall Exhibition Co., Ltd, the organizer of International Dairy Expo & Summit/China, has organised an exhibitor/visitor group of more the 20 professionals to participate WDE. The group has also visited the UW-River fall, Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery and local dairy farms.
 According to offical statistic data, there were 72,427 participants,including 3060 foreign visitors from 94 different countries. In the list of amount of visitors, the top 5 countries are Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil and Germany. Among the total 871exhibitors, there're 4 Chinese exhibitors. China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd is one of the 4 exhibitors.

the China Great Wall International Exhibition staff have introduced the international dairy expo & summit/China'16 to visitors and buyers from different countries. Besides,.we have also invited the exhibitors who's interested in Chinese market to come to harbin to participate our show. During the show period of WDE, the general director of China Great Wall International Exhibition, Ms. Cheng Yang has had a meeting with Mr. Scott, the general director of WDE, Ms. Cheng Yang has proposed the intention of cooperation of the 2 dairy shows. the organizing committee has also invited visitors from vietnam, nepal, pakistan, Japan and Korea. There will also be more visitors and buyers from asia countries.

Next year, we'll still organise visitor/exhibitor group to go to America and Germany to participate WDE and EuroTier. We sincerely invite dairy professionals to come with us. 

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