Domestic dairy province Heilongjiang plans for the direction of 2015 dairy industry development

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   National dairy products quality supervision and inspection center has held Heilongjiang dairy industry strategic development planning special symposium in Harbin, the Heilongjiang provincial governor Lu Hao attended the meeting and had a conversation on development plan of Heilongjiang dairy industry with 8 leading dairy enterprises in Heilongjiang, including Wondersun, Inbos, Happy Prince, and Long Dan.

    According to the information published by national administration and supervision bureau of food and drug, at present China has 127 enterprises owning infant formula powder  production license, including 42 companies in Heilongjiang, a third of the national total. Having rich dairy resources and excellent production environment, Heilongjiang is always a dairy province. There exists not only provincial brands such as Wondersun, Feihe, LongDan, Inbos, Happy Prince, and Huawei, but also introduced brands from our country and abroad like Nestle, Erie, Bright, Mengniu, and Beingmate, making up the total number of well-known brands up to 40. The total number of dairy enterprise, the total number and product varieties of infant formula milk powder production enterprises in Heilongjiang rank the first in China.

    In order to promote the development of dairy industry, strengthen the dairy food safety, create assured domestic milk powder brands, the national dairy products center opened a special symposium for the policies implement, seeking for opinions about the direction of national policies for dairy industry, discussing on the actual situations in Heilongjiang. The national dairy center hopes Heilongjiang to make good use of its geographical advantage, making Heilongjiang dairy into a model benchmarking with industry security, the government's confidence, and consumers' trust.

    In the symposium, the dairy entrepreneurs spoke freely on discussions from milk to sales, from business management to new product development and application of new technology, from production to promotion, putting forward scientific, innovative, and operational development countermeasures and suggestions for government policies and the industry development.

    Controllable milk resource is one of the most basic and important premise to solve the milk powder quality problem. The entrepreneurs stated to start from raw milk, actively expanding the scale of self-built ranch, improving the level of scientific management, innovation and management of farm cooperatives. Once the lack of milk occurred, they would ensure the quality of imported raw materials, and as always, never purchase a drop of milk of non-scale dairy farm, guaranteeing the controllability and insurance of raw milk.

    At the same time, the raw milk and its comprehensive self-check system in machining process is also the key for enterprises to ensuring the safety of milk powder. Eight companies including Wondersun, Inbos Huawei, LongDan, Happy Prince, etc. have said there existed more than 100 detection items of raw and auxiliary materials and raw milk, far more than the level of some other countries.

    In terms of production and processing, the companies declared to autonomously improve management standards before the national new standards published, some enterprises have been producing milk powder according to the international GMP standard. That means there would be a great investment in factory air cleanliness, water purification, standard of raw materials, and personnel training standards. In particular, Inbos stated that, the enterprise passed the GMP recognition as early as 2010, and was also the first to obtain GMP certification compared to others in the industry, after the new Deal was published.

    Besides the security of production, the improvement of milk powder circulation is also essential. What did the enterprises do for circulation? The leaders from national dairy center said that, they would pay more attention in the traceability of dairy products, such as how many products, which dealers, which batch products, and which specific shelves. Some companies participating in the discussion frankly said that there existed short board in this level of back tracing in the field of milk powder, which needs increased investment in hardware and management training. But what's creditable, Inbos and Happy Prince said they had reached the level of traceability to customer.

    Wondersun, Inbos, LongDan, and Happy Prince gave opinions and discussed with the governor Lu. Wondersun and Inbos dairy declared that, although after the melamine incident in 2008, people lost confidence in domestic milk powder, but as the state strongly supported domestic brands, while the enterprise itself continuously improved product quality, the acceptance of the consumers on domestic milk powder has also been gradually improved. From now on, the enterprises should not only provide high quality products, but also rely on product research and innovation, striving to work on marketing, in order to provide consumers with the thoughtful after-sales service, gaining back the costumers' trust, reducing the distance between consumers and brand manufacturers.

    The 8 companies invited to attend the meeting stated that, they would do their best to cooperate with and support related departments and industry associations of the province and the state, making efforts to improve the quality and safety of domestic milk powder. However, besides the support of relevant departments, the guidance of the industry association, the efforts of the enterprise itself was fundamental. Therefore, the enterprise itself must have enough patience, hard skills, to stick to the quality orientation, to strengthen quality management. Only if the product quality was reliable, worries from costumers would eliminate, and enterprise products could sell better.

    After collecting the entrepreneurs' views and suggestions, provincial governor Lu Hao said,  the core of the current dairy industry development and competition was quality problem. Heilongjiang was located in the golden milk farming belt, had natural advantage, we were going to generalize scale farming, to expand the scope of the range, to improve the level of breeding technology and non-artificial milking, making efforts to transform the natural conditions into higher productivity and quality guarantee system. He required that dairy enterprises in Heilongjiang to actively participate in the development, especially the leading enterprises should not only participate in the construction of high quality raw milk bases, but also set examples in the production process transformation, management system standard, product quality, the traceability system, and self-check system for national milk powder brands, in order to enhance the market competitiveness of domestic infant formula powder, setting up determination and action for Chinese dairy template.

    Finally, Mr. Lu pointed out that the government wished Heilongjiang dairy companies, especially the eight companies attending the meeting, to serve as the tower of strength, under the condition of slump of the domestic milk powder sales, that he looked forward in the near future, Heilongjiang dairy enterprises could took up a very important place in the world's dairy industry!

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