Inspection scheme for Heilongjiang dairy products exported to Russia

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    Russian dairy imports have increased in recent years, and there are more and more kinds of dairy products exported to Russia from Heilongjiang. In order to ensure the safety and quality of dairy products, dairy products import and export enterprises in Heilongjiang organize the production strictly in accordance with requirements of the importing countries(or regions), establishing safety protection system of the whole process, from raw milk to the finished product , and to the exported food.

    According to the research of Russian milk and dairy products marketing, the dairy imports  in Russia in 2012 is 24% more than the previous year, and in the first half of 2013, the Russian dairy imports still continued to grow at a rate about 20%.
The " Implementation plan of testing work on fresh milk in Heilongjiang by third party " stipulates:

    - Set up independent third party (out of enterprises and dairy farmers) testing stations in the dairy products enterprise in Heilongjiang, personnel appointed by the animal husbandry and veterinary departments, equipments supplied by the provincial government procurement.

    - take in charge of construction, data collection, summary, arbitration inspection and counties testing personnel training of the raw milk third-party testing platform, based on the technology support of national dairy products quality supervision and inspection center. 
    - grant permission to work independently with testing station in accordance with the law.

    By the end of 2013, 62 dairy processing enterprises, except suspending operation, non-production due to construction of extension, have all started the third party testing work; Third party testing station tests on average more than 5000 batches milk samples per month, involving 140000 households of farmers.

    On the one hand, the fresh milk purchase and qualified trading system is improved, the fresh milk are purchased by standard of quality, disputes between enterprises and farmers on raw milk trade is reduced more than 95%,  effectively guaranteeing the fairness of fresh milk trade.

    On the other hand, the monitor of production and purchase of milk warns in time the major problems and safety risks, effectively ensuring the quality security of milk production.

    In 2013, Heilongjiang began to implement modern dairy farm construction demonstration projects, subsidies 13 million yuan for each dairy farm. According to the principle of industrialization, these high-standard dairy farms signed sale contract with high added value products (infant formula powder) leading enterprises. According to the requirements of the intensive management, these high-standard dairy farms set specific standards in technology, management, equipment, facilities, cow capacity, human resources, and so on.

    According to the federal bureau of customs and customs union countries, in the structure of import dairy products in Russia, if saying in physical form, most (35%) is cheese and milk residue. Represented by the price, the import proportion is bigger for this kind of product, more than half of the total value of the imported dairy products. Russian imports of cheese and milk residue are mainly from Belarus, Germany and Ukraine.

    Most Russian imports of milk beverage, pure milk and condensed milk beverage come from Belarus. For import butter in Russia, Belarus also occupies the largest proportion, but New Zealand, and Finland also have a larger proportion.

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