Heilongjiang Administration of agricultural reclamation in Beian creates dairy whole industry chain

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    As the 2015 China international dairy industry exhibition approaches, Heilongjiang dairy industry has been more and more popular, a question has been recently raised: What measures will Heilongjiang administration of agricultural reclamation in Beian to build the dairy whole industry chain?

    Heilongjiang administration of agricultural reclamation in Beian seize the opportunity of developing modern animal husbandry proposed by Heilongjiang provincial party committee and government, creating China's dairy whole industry chain and developing modern animal husbandry strategic, plans to build five modern farms, and buys 8000 high quality cows, accelerating scale dairy industry development.

    Under the supervision of Heilongjiang administration of agricultural reclamation in Beian, the objectives of production decomposes and implements to everyone. The government established strict assessment and incentive mechanism, and signed animal husbandry development goals liability with farms; Innovation cultivation mode has been set up, guaranteeing cows raised by professional personnel, and funded by shareholders, taking advantage of advanced management facilities and methods, assuring that everyone can benefit from the animal husbandry "bonus".

    Farms have also arranged arable land for dairy farms at a fair price, used for silage, feed and food production. every shareholder is shareholder of both of the joint-stock dairy farm and the joint-stock farm. At the same time, accelerating the transition in cow village ranch, subsidizing in establishing TMR distribution, sexually charged with frozen fine breeding, promoting the practical technology, improving the animal husbandry development fund, focusing on five new standardization ranches for cattle loan interest, subsidizing mixed diet TMR distribution station and dairy station, silo.

    The scale dairy farming area so far has lived 42000 cows.

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