Heilongjiang: Heihe builds across-regional demonstration modern dairy industry

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    To answer the requirements raised in the work report of Heilongjiang province to construct 100 high-level dairy farms, Heihe explores the rich aquatic resources and takes advantage of vast arable land, to support dairy, grass planting, and dairy products processing, bend force to build ZTE cross-regional demonstration modern dairy industry, speeding up the development of dairy industry.

    Firstly,  Heihe highly supports ZTE animal husbandry industry projects. A development leading group is built up, composed by vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor Zhang Enliang as group leader, leaders of counties as deputy leaders, related departments as members to promote the construction of ZTE animal husbandry development. The aim of this leading group is to make a work plan for the construction of ZTE animal husbandry development, to carry on construction project system, reporting system, supervision system and the appointment system, guaranteeing the preparation work for project publishing, assessment , access to transport, water and electricity, etc.

    In 2014, approved by the national standardization management committee, Heihe " ZTE animal husbandry dairy comprehensive standardization demonstration zone" become the first national eighth agricultural standardization demonstration project. In accordance with the requirements "building 100 standardization dairy farms of 1000 cows" by provincial government, there are eight dairy farms listed in the modern dairy farm demonstration construction, including 7 ZTE farms, which can obtain 91 million yuan of project subsidies after the acceptance.

    By October of 2014, Heilongjiang has invested 3 billion yuan as construction funds, to build 146 dairy farms, implement 70 thousand cattles, which can be completed and put into use this year, leading social investment of 7 billion yuan after the completion of construction. It is predicted to increase 720 thousand tons of the high quality raw milk, 3.24 billion yuan of farming income, 180000 tons of formula milk powder, and 27 billion yuan of processing output value.

    Secondly, ZTE animal husbandry dairy and dairy processing projects accelerates at full speed. So far, ZTE animal husbandry dairy and dairy processing project has been completed an investment of nearly 1 billion yuan, including 550 million yuan for 2014, having 10 thousand cows producing 150 tons of fresh milk per day. The construction of Handaqi, Xifengshan, Erdaogou ranches are all finished; 80% of the construction of Nenjiang Huolongmen ranch of 14000 cows is completed, and the first 5000 cows imported from New Zealand have already settled down in pasture; Zte feed produces 80 tons of cows concentrate feed, all used to meet the needs of the ZTE herding; Longdan Dairy project has been completed, and starts on production trial.

    Lastly, Heilongjiang plans comprehensively to build across regions modern demonstration dairy industry. ZTE animal husbandry projects plans to invest 3 billion yuan or above, in three to five years achieving listing standards. By 2018, 10 ranches of 8000 cows and dairy products processing factory of daily production of 3000 tons of fresh milk will be developed. The final goal is to realize a dairy farming scale of 200000 capita, 50 ranches of 4000 cows, 1500-1750 hectares of land. The plan for next three years is to invest across regions 1.512 billion yuan in Aihui,Xunke,Sunwu and Nenjiang, and to build 9 pastures of 4000 cows; build a dairy processing plant in Heihe(Sunwu); improve 240000 mu(=0.0667 hectare) of grassland, 120000 mu of medicago, 120000 mu of oats. At the same time, ZTE animal husbandry will take advantage of dairy as the core to drive the industry chain extension, developing the upstream such as dairy cattle breeding, feed production, forage planting, and downstream such as dairy products processing, milk powder, whey powder, functional beverages, biological pharmaceutical and other related industries.

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