Heilongjiang dairy power activated:145 modern dairy farms were newly built

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    Today, as the modern dairy farms are built on by on, the strong power of Heilongjiang's dairy industry development is activated. Based on the axis of animal husbandry industry, Heilongjiang is driving the development of food industry, making a faster pace from the "big barn" towards the "big kitchen" of the country.

Policy stimulates capital accumulation

    In 2013, the provincial government made a major decision deployment to construct 45 high standard modern dairy farms, with subsidies capital of 13 million yuan for each. The 2014 work report of the provincial government clearly put forward the construction of modern demonstration in 100 dairy farms, and will continue to give subsidies.

    This decision makes Heilongjiang dairy industry quickly become hot spot for investment, here comes the domestic dairy giants, real estate tycoons, and large pharmaceutical companies. At that time, to build ranch and raise cows in Heilongjiang became a hot topic. According to the provincial bureau of animal husbandry and veterinary, at present, the number of actual construction of modern dairy farm demonstration is up to 182, with 37 more than the plan. According to Huo Zhihong, deputy director of animal husbandry and veterinary bureau of Shuangcheng in Harbin city, there is a high enthusiasm to establish modern dairy farms in Heilongjiang, although only five farms were planned to build, applicants were more than 70.

Advantages of Heilongjiang 

    On the construction site of Longjia animal husbandry demonstration modern dairy farm in Lindian County, the general manager Liang Zhaozhong is busy directing construction while telling us, this is the first phase of the dairy farm constructed by Long Jia animal husbandry in Lindian county, invested more than 200 million yuan, and after the completion dairy cattle stock will reach 5000 capita, and after completion of the second phase here will be a pasture of ten thousand cows.

    The investor of Long Jia animal husbandry is a joint venture company listed in Hong Kong, and this is the first time the enterprise entered in dairy farming. "It was the solid supporting policies, the real subsidies, the unique resources superiority and the huge development potential that attracted us to come here. We build pasture, the provincial government supplies subsidies, Lindian county government provides us the land and access to electricity, water, and transport, as well as technology service. So we have confidence in developing dairy here, in the future we will produce organic milk in this ten thousand cows' ranch, entering in to the high-end dairy market." Liang Zhaozhong said with ambition.

    Erie Hongqi is China's leading dairy ranch. This ranch is referred to as Erie One, and there exist also Erie two, three, four and five in Heilongjiang. The person in charge of Erie Hongqi ranch said that, Erie Hongqi was construsted with highest standards of dairy farms, invested 250 million yuan. And Erie Dairy is making Heilongjiang as the main base for raw milk resource and production, most high-end products fo Erie come from Heilongjiang province.

    According to rough statistics, among 145 a modern dairy farms, 60% of the investment comes from social industrial and commercial capital, and the dairy production enterprises self-built farms account for 30%.

Unshakeable position of raw milk base

    Zu Wei, director of the provincial bureau of animal husbandry and veterinary, said the animal husbandry is the center axis of the planting and the food industry, 70% of the raw materials in food industry come from animal husbandry. Highly Supporting the construction of modern dairy farms, is to catch "ox muzzle" of the animal husbandry, making our food appreciated by animal husbandry, into high value-added goods, and then we could build a leading industry of the national economy, in order to realize the goal of the prosperous people and strong province.

    At present, Heilongjiang has become the most important domestic milk base, also the country's largest milk and infant formula powder production base, the dairy products processing capacity, the production of milk powder and infant formula milk powder rank the first in the nation. In 2013, the country's consumption of infant milk powder was about 1 million tons, including 240 thousand tons from Heilongjiang.

    After running all the 145 modern dairy farms, 1.392 million tons of high-end raw milk will be produced for each year. By the price of 4500 yuan per ton, the direct economic benefit will reach  6.264 billion yuan. And 1.392 million tons of of raw milk can be processed into 348000 tons of high-end infant formula at the price of 150 thousand yuan per ton, the output value of 52.2 billion yuan can be easily achieved. At that time, the foundation of high-quality milk base in our province will be stronger, and Heilongjiang dairy industry will undoubtedly enter the modern dairy orbit.

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