Schedule of 2017

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International Dairy Summit & Expo/China 2017

Schedule of 2017

1.    Time and Venue

The Conference: April 20-22, 2017, arrival and register on April 19

The Exhibition: April 21-23, 2017

Conference: address:  Sheraton, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China (No. 63 of Xiangfu Road, Harbin)

Exhibition address: China Heilongjiang Province Harbin International Exhibition Sports Center (No. 301 of Hongqi Road, Harbin)

2.    Conference Theme

Share Social Responsibility, Create Healthy China Together

3.    Organization

Supervised by:

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ)

Heilongjiang Provincial Government

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

 Organized by:

Chinese Society of Inspection

and Quarantine(CSIQ)

Heilongjiang Promotion of International

Trade Council(HPITC)

Heilongjiang Animal Husbandry and

Veterinary Bureau


National Research Center of Dairy

Engineering and Technology

 Managed by

Heilongjiang Bureau of Conferences and Exhibitions

China Dairy Magazine

The Great Wall International Exhibition Co.,Ltd

4.   Events ——Events in Exhibition Center

4.1  Activity Area in Hall A

       4.1.1 China Dairy Suppliers Union Activities





21st, Apr.


Sponsors Buffet Lunch and Drawing Activities


National Dairy Replacements Evaluation Report Release Conference-- Dairy Calf and Heifer Innovation Platform

22ed, Apr.


 “Be Green”Poker Competition


 “XiongTe”Tug-of-War Competition



China Dairy Suppliers Union Product Auction

      4.1.2 National Dairy Replacements Growth and Health Report & Calf Show


Come to the Calf Display Area, Get your custom-made Ear-Tag

 Lovely Calf waiting for your visit in the calf display area(Hall A)

Upload your photos with the lovely calves to get your custom-made ear-tag

4.2  Activity Area in Hall B

      4.2.1 Cheese Carving     ormance&Celebration of Wisconsin and Heilongjiang 35 Year Sister State Relationship 

        4.2.2 International New Dairy Product Show

    4.2.3 Dairy Farm Recruitment

    4.2.4 Handmade Cheese Class & Tasty Chinese Cheese Rating

4.3 Activity Area in Lobby 

       4.3.1 Dairy Creativity Carnival

5.   Events ——Events in Conference Center



Venue: Sheraton


Comprehensive Utilization of Manure Resources in Cold Regions

5F, room9-10

Authoritative Information Release

1Heilongjiang Dairy Development Policy and Achievement Explanation Meeting

2Investigation Report on Production Management of Dairy Farms in China

5F, room7-8


The chairman of the joint of CSFDA (China State Farm Dairy Allience)

5F, room6


 “Wisdom-Pooling” Dairy Farm–Change Dairy Life & Product with New Technology.


3F, Sheraton Ballroom 3A

Breeding disease Prevention and Treatment in Dairy Cattle

3F, Sheraton Ballroom 3B

The way of Israel Dairy Farm to Profitability

5F, room7-8

Dairy Products Quality and Dairy Product Test Technology

5F, room9-10

Adapt to the adjustment of agricultural structureadvancing the application of new animal husbandry machinery and equipment

2F of Exhibition Center


China Dairy Development Seminar

5F, room6


Opening Ceremony

6F,Eontime Ballroom 2-3


Science of Early Stage of Life, Nutrition and Health

6F,Eontime Ballroom 3

Demolish traditional concept,  Cure cow mastitis scientifically

3F, Sheraton Ballroom 3A

Nestle DFI Farm Management with NCE

5F, room7-8

National Dairy Replacements Growth and Health Report & Calf Show

Exhibition Center A


Welcome Banquet

6F,Eontime Ballroom 2-3


Academician(experts) Forum – Universal Education on Healthy Life

6F,Eontime Ballroom 1





Cow Feed & Nutrition

5F, room7-8

Evolution of farm mode and Development of guest ranch

5F, room9-10


Technoloy integration promotion council of  advancing quality and efficiency on cattle feeding

5F, room16-17


Infant Formula Milk Powder Registration System and Market New Pattern

5F, room7-8

Experience-sharing session of The annual Best Farmer in China dairy ceremony

5F, room9-10

6.   Exhibition and Conference Registration

Please fill the online application at or get the visit pass or ticket at the venue.

7. Contact Method

1) Conference Consultants:

Jing Wang 010-82106771 13910003976

Wenqi Zhu 010-82106272 13301332720

2) Cooperation Contacts:

Wenhui Yu 13811378839

Tianwei Yang 18513612527

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