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Review of World Dairy Expo & Summit / China’14

The World Dairy Expo & Summit / China’14 which was held in Xi’an from June 13 to 15, 2014 was successfully closed with the support of the professionals in the dairy industry. 

The gross exhibition area was 35,000m2. 327 exhibitors and international pavilions from more than 20 different countries and areas such as France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, and etc, participated in the show, which increased 26% from last year.     

In this year, exhibits covered the whole dairy industry chain from cattle breeding, feeds, farm management, production, to various dairy products. The exhibitors displayed their newest and the most competitive products with the latest technology in multiple fields in order to attract visitors’ attention.  

Through the exhibition data, increased numbers of silage equipment and products, and huge expansion of outdoor area, indicated the great demand of silage and equipment in dairy industry. Moreover, overseas exhibitors have great improvement in numbers, compared with only 5% of the total exhibitors of last year. This year, the show witnessed overseas exhibitors more than 11% of the total number of exhibitors, which was a historic height. This has reflected more and more oversea companies tend to search local marketing representatives to export their products and technology. 

According to the survey result, 81.76% of exhibitors were satisfied with the service and incoming result from the show, 15.5% found helpful and useful, and only 2.74% of exhibitors unsatisfied. Result showed the expo reputation has obtained good improvement since it was held in Nanchang in 2013.

By statistics, 17.57% of companies signed sales contract on exhibition site, 36.49% of companies reached sale intent, and 43.24% of companies met new business opportunities and potential partners.         

Structure of Exhibitors

In this year’s show, professional buyers, visitors and delegations came from 30 countries, adding 10 more countries over last year. 

Profited from Xi’an local industrial resource, this year’s visitors’ numbers increased rapidly, reaching to 25457 in comparison with 2000 from the previous show in Nanchang.  

Structure of Visitors

In order to provide better service to exhibitors, the show organizer conducted an on-site survey to get informed with the business scale of incoming professional visitors. 


The 12th World Dairy Expo & Summit/China was closed successfully with the support of friends from dairy industry to whom organizing committee expressed heartfelt thanks. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the 13th Expo in Harbin.

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July, 2014

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