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The 11th China Dairy Expo & Summit which is held in Nanchang from June 1 to 3 is successfully closed with the support of the professionals in the dairy industry.

The gross exhibition area is about 25.000m2 with 1912m2 outdoor exhibition area, with special equipment area accounting for 87.78%. There are 259 exhibitors from more than 10 countries including Australia, China (Hong Kong and Taiwan included), France, Germany, Holland, Russia and USA, etc. Significantly, Australia, France, Germany, Holland and USA take part in the expo in the form of national pavilion..

The exhibit profile covered all aspects in the dairy field. Specially, exhibitors in the fields of cultivation, forage, animal nutrition, livestock farm, processing and dairy production jointly launched the latest and most competitive products and technology.

With the same expo scale last year, the proportion of the international exhibitors is 6.5% which is a new breakthrough compared to last year’s 4.86%. The higher proportion indicates that the international companies start to regain confidence in China dairy market. It can be predicted that the market demand is growing in the near future, the dairy market will be more open. What’s more, domestic and international trade in cow breeding, livestock and pasture, cow nutrition and other related products will have a sound development in the following days.

According to the post-show questionnaire, the exhibitors who are satisfied and unsatisfied with the Expo account for 64%

and 5% respectively. The rest (31%) thought that the Expo is good. The exhibitors who sign or will sign the sales contract account for 55%, and 47% of exhibitors made new contacts.

Exhibitors’ Statistics:

The event attracted wide attention in the industry. Besides the domestic professional visitors, international visitors from over 20 countries also attend and do business on the Expo, such as America, Australia, Denmark, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mauretania, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine and UK. etc.

Dairy-based countries expressed their concerns on the Expo. Government officials from those countries attend the opening ceremony and visit the Expo, such as Ms. Susan, Commercial Counselor of Australian Embassy in Beijing; Mr. Jeff Lyon, Deputy Secretary of Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture; Mr. Maurice, Member of the Board of ADEPTA; Dr. Shri Mukul Manda, Chief Minister of State of Megalaya, India; Mr. Emar Gemmeke, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Councilor of The Netherland Embassy in China

India delegation, invited by organizing committee also attend the show and establish business relationship with the exhibitors in terms of storage, milking equipment and accessories, Packing Equipment and materials etc. Arranged by organizing committee, the delegation visited and made survey to Jiangxi Hero processed factory and farm.

In addition, domestic delegation of 291 members, organized by Hero Dairy Company, visited the show by which they made further understand the equipments concerned with pastures and breeding, and consulted the latest and advanced technology and products in the international dairy industry.

Besides the above delegations, the organizing committee also invited the faculty and students’ mission, as well as the delegations from local dairy associations to visit the show.

Visitors’ Statistics:

The 11th China World Dairy Expo & Summit is closed successfully with the support of friends of dairy industry to whom organizing committee expresses heartfelt thanks. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the 12th Expo.

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July, 2013

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