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The 9th China World Dairy Expo & Summit (June 11-13) is successfully closed in the beautiful green city – Hefei with the support of the fellow workers in the dairy industry.

The gross display area is up to 20,000m2 this year. Especially the net display area is increased by 77.5%. What’s more, the raw space is account for 81.58%. The Expo witnessed 230 exhibitors which is increased by 34.51% compared with 171 exhibitors of last year from 19 countries including China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), France, Argentina, Ireland, Holland, USA, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Britain, German, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Russia and Spain. Significantly, ADEPTA (France), PROARGEX (Argentina) and Ireland Enterprise Bureau organized National Pavilions to participate in the Expo.

The exhibit profile covered all aspects in the dairy field. Exhibitors in the fields of cultivation, forage, animal nutrition, livestock farm, processing and dairy production jointly launched the latest and most competitive products and technology.

The Expo featured in increasing number of exhibitors in forage, animal nutrition and health-care, large number of visitors, and high proportion of special equipment booths which indicate the enterprises’ confidence and expectation in dairy industry in China. More importantly, the significant change also showed the importance and potential of nutrition and health-care products.

According to the post-show questionnaire, the exhibitors satisfied, unsatisfied with the Expo account for 74% and 1% respectively. The rest thought that the Expo is good. What’s more, the companies who would cooperate with each other account for 29%; the companies who establish new business relations with each other account for 49%.

Exhibitors’ Statistics

Domestic Exhibitors 60%

Agent 26%

International Exhibitors 26%

Processing supplier 32%

Cultivation & Farm Supplier 64%

Dairy Enterprise 4%

Besides the large-scale international Expo, there are also a series of simultaneous activities, such as the 2nd China Dairy Conference, Meeting of Farm Facility & Machinery Committee of DAC, Forum on Application & Production of New Technology and Products, International Forum on Dairy Farm Technology by GEA, Seminar on Cows’ Nutrition and Health Care, Forum on the Technical System of National Cow Industry—Reduce the Cost of Cow’s Breeding, Increase Quality and Profit, Forum on the Technical System of National Modern Cow Industry, Technical Exchange of Breeding Committee of DAC, etc.

The event attracted wide attention in the industry. Besides the domestic professional visitors, visitors from 28 countries also attend and do business on the Expo, such as Italy, France, German, Holland, Britain, Poland, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Argentina, etc.

Countries who are advanced in the dairy industry expressed their concerns on the Expo. Many government officials attend the opening ceremony and visit the Expo, such as Chris Carson (Director of New Zealand MAF International Policy Division), Arturo Jorge VIDELA (Dairy Sub – Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), Marinus Overheul (Agricultural Counselor, Embassy of the Netherlands), Meike Rassbach (Agricultural Counselor, German Embassy), Conor O' Riordan (Consul General, Consulate General of Irelands in Shanghai), Luisa RUST (Commercial consul, Consulate General of Australia in Shanghai), and Keith Schnelle (Agricultural consul, Consulate General of America in Shanghai) etc.

Several professional missions invited by the organization committee visited the Expo during the exhibition period.

Nepal visiting group consists of 9 members, including the local dairy enterprises and government officials, which is organized by the Dairy Development Corporation, Kathmandu Nepal. It is the third time for Taiwai Guangquan visiting group (20 members) to attend the Expo. They expressed their congratulations to the complete success of the Expo.

Significantly, India purchasing mission was also present on the show. There are altogether more than 110 members, who established business relationship with the exhibitors in terms of storage, milking equipment and accessories, Packing Equipment and materials etc. According to the arrangement made by the Organization Committee, the mission visited the Modern Farming and Anhui Yiyi Dairy. The India organizer would investigate other farms and make sure the purchasing agreement.

In addition, the large domestic mission was up to 100 visors including dairy farmer, rancher, director who were from Changfeng, Hefei city, led by Dai Hengcheng, the director of Changfeng Cattle-Producing Bureau. They investigated the equipments, advanced technology and products concerning feeding, processing and industrial consultation.

What’s more, Organization Committee also invited the faculty and students of Hefei Industry University and Local Dairy associations etc.

Visitors’ Statistics

The 9th China World Dairy Expo & Summit is closed successfully under the support of friends of dairy industry to whom the Organization Committee expressed heartfelt thanks. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the 10th Expo.


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July, 2011

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