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1. Dairy products and derivative products

Liquid milk; Yogurt; Milk powder; Butter; Cheese; Ice cream. Various nutrition health products related to milk.

2. Cheese production technology, processing equipments and ingredients

Technology of cheese production; Cheese pot; Pile machine, molding machine, mold filling machine; Cleaning machine; chymosin. zymophyte

3. Ice cream production technology, processing equiipments and ingredients

Ice cream production line; Ice-cream packaging equipment, printing equipment; Additives and ingredients for ice cream

4, Milk bar related equipment, technology and project.

Pasteurized equipment, yogurt machine, milk shake machine, freezer, disinfection cabinet, milk barrel, operation table and other milk bar equipment; Milk bar project.

5. Dairy packaging, filling and processing equipment

Equipment and accessories for Refrigeration, storage and transportation; Equipment for separation, mixing, homogeneity, fermentation, sterilization; Packaging equipment; Filling equipment; Fluid equipment (valves, fittings, pumps); Sprinkler code printing equipment; Various dairy processing production lines;

6. Dairy products, additives and ingredients

Packaging materials and printing, dairy additives (including: enzyme preparation, starter, sugar alcohols), dairy products and ingredients

7. Dairy cattle and beef cattle breeding

Freezing semen, embryo, breeding and breeding techniques; Construction and management of dairy farm; Forage grass, grass seed, feed ingredients, feed additives, Animal nutrition, health care, vaccines, veterinary drugs and related technologies; Cow feeding technology, related management software

8. Dairy farming facilities and equipment

Feed harvesting, silage, baling equipment, crushing and stirring equipment, TMR, feeding system, feed processing and feed quality testing equipment and accessories; Milking equipment and accessories; Fresh milk storage and transport equipment; Sewage disposal system; Environmental protection equipment, etc

9. Quality and safety

Raw milk testing equipment and related products; Dairy products testing equipment and related products

10. Others

Association; Organizations; Newspapers, magazines, websites and publications.

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