Notice for Booth Building

1. Data of Exhibition Hall

Dimension of the door for exhibits: 4.1m (Width)*3.8m (Height)

Limited height for booths: indoor 6m, outdoor 4.5m

2. The shell scheme is equipped with:

Partition wall: white double-sided board with 6200px(H).

Fascia: 200mm (W)* 2930mm (L) with an aluminum alloy frame (300mm)

Furniture: 1 consultation table, 2 folding chairs, 1 Waste Basket.

Outlet: 220V. (Equipment power need to be applied for)

Lighting: 2 Spotlights.

I. Construction Drawings shall be delivered by Raw Space Exhibitors or Raw Space Contractors to China Great Wall Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd. before March 30, 2019 for approval from Public Security Dept. Constructio 

Raw Space Construction & Management Fee


Extra-time working, fee

5RMB/m2/hour   17:00-24:00

10RMB/m2/hour  After 24:00

Deposit of construction(Only for raw space booth, refund after dismantling)

Below 50 m2,3000RMB


Above 100m2,8000RMB

II.      If you need to apply extra-time working, please apply at the Service Counter which is at the west of Hall A  before 16:00 during booth build-up period and pay extra-time working fees accordingly. The price is 5RMB/m2/hour(double charge after 24:00)

III.   Parking


During the exhibit period, the Parking lot on the north side of Hall A is available for cars

Parking fee: 5RMB for first 2 hour, 1RMB/hour from third hour


Trucks should enter from gate 8,9 on Taishanbei Road and get out through gate 10on Huanghe road.The parking lot next to gate 8 is available for trucks.

Recommended Raw Space Contractors:

Beijing ChuangShiDaRong Enterprise Planning Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. An Na

Tel: +86-10-87364745, 13910584243


Contact:Mr Zhao Haitao

Tel: +86-451-82273736, 13613673727

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Hugh Wang, Ms. Yu Wen Hui  

China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86 10-88102251, 88102255  

Fax: +86 10-88102268


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