Schedule of China Cheese Day

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Victories Hall

April 27th    9:00-11:00  Opening Ceremony

Online Activity

April 27th-29th        Draw Game on Wechat

Activity Area,Hall A


April 27th-29th        Dairy Cattle Livestock Display


April 27th      Yogurt Tasting &Establishment Ceremony of MERRY LANDDairy rugby Football Club

April 28th9:00-12:00    Modern Dairy Farm Livestock Financing Explanation Session

Activity Area,Hall B

Cheese Day China

April 27-28 9:00;10:00;14:00;15:00,

April 29 9:00;10:00

Chinese Style Cheese Display

Delicious dishes cooked with Cheese in Chinese cuisine method will be displayed and can be tasted on site of the event.


April 27th 10:00-16:00 Cheese Cook Show

Cheese food will be made on site of the event by chefs. Cheese cooking competition waiting for your participation!


April 28th 13:30-16:30  Hand made cheese Class

Hand made cheese Class will continue to be held this year. Cheese master will teach how to make 2 kinds of Cheese


April 27th-29thCheese knowledge maze

Cheese knowledge maze. To win Cheese prize and learn cheese knowledge!

Dairy Carnival­­

9:30-12:00 April 28th 9:30-12:00


Victories Hotel

International Dairy Summit /China 2018

April 26 09:00-12:002018 Forum on Utilization of Straw and Wastes of Poultry and Breeding Livestock & Project Investment and Financing MatchmakingRoom 408/410,4F,Victories Hotel
April 26 13:30-17:302018 Project Investment and Financing Matchmaking on Utilization of Straw and Wastes of Poultry and Breeding Livestock & Enterprises Road Show408/410 Room 408/410,4F,Victories Hotel
The First China Brand Yogurt Innovation Development ForumVictories Hall V3
Dairy Cow Health and Disease Prevention and Control407/409 Room 407/409,4F,Victories Hotel
Ranch Cost Analysis and Management ControlRoom 405,4F,Victories Hotel
4月27日 April 27 08:30-11:00Opening CeremonyVictories Hall V1/V2
4月27日 April 27 13:30-17:30Dairy Standards ForumVictories Hall V3
International Cheese Summit408/410 Room 408/410,4F,Victories Hotel
Infant Formula Milk Powder Technology and MarketRoom 412,4F,Victories Hotel
Calf Respiratory Health Forum407/409 Room 407/409,4F,Victories Hotel
Management ImprovesEfficiency,Data Creates Value—The Key of Sustainable Profitability of Dairy FarmRoom 405,4F,Victories Hotel
Cow Feed and NutritionRoom 411,4F,Victories Hotel
National Dairy Standards WorkshopRoom 413,4F,Victories Hotel
4月27日 April 27 18:00-19:30Welcoming DinnerVictories Hall V1/V2
4月28日 April 28 09:00-11:30Development Trend and Market Analysis of Liquid Milk Industry in 2018408/410 Room 408/410,4F,Victories Hotel
Modern Ranch Livestock Financing Explanation SessionHall A,Exhibition Center
New Trend—Milk Bar SalonRoom 412,4F,Victories Hotel
Dairy Standards Tracking Evaluation WorkshopRoom 411,4F,Victories Hotel
4月28日 April 28 14:00-17:00Early Life Nutrition and Health ForumVictories Hall V3

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