Schedule of 2016

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International Dairy Summit

Time and Location

Conferences.  April 21-24, 2016,   Registration  April 20, 2016

Victory Hotel, 301 Hongqi street, Harbin, China

The conference will focus on the hot topics of China’s dairy development against the background of the global dairy industry integration. We’ll also organize the B2B match meeting during the Expo.

Dairy farm training course

Nestle DFI will organize a series of dairy farm training course. The training course concerns a variety of practical problems. During the training course, the experts of DFI will answer questions on-site.

World Dairy products tasting activities.

We’ll gather the products from the most of the big dairy produce countries such as America, Holland, France, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Poland, Greece, etc. The products includes milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, dairy powder and flavor milk. Visitors can taste on the site of the Expo and several business meeting of import-export will be held.

Promotion  activities of dairy culture

A series of dairy culture promotion activities will be held during the expo.

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